There is no need to use extra words when we want to explain the importance of ecology. It is an absurd, actually – even though media and the society address the issues about pollution and ecological disasters, it might seem that nothing has been really done in order to solve those problems. In the contemporary world, media is an absolute ruler. Present society brought fast urban life and tight business schedules, but it seems that people still find time for festivals, especially film festivals. Every year we have more festivals that are dedicated to the films about ecology. But still, every day our planet becomes less pleasant place for living. What actually should be done?

Most of the ecology film festivals take place in the cities – in the epicenter of ecological problems and far, far away from endangered nature. After the movies, people go home. They had a good experience and maybe they’ll think about the film for a while, but then they will forget it letting world wide ecology problems to be solved by some other people, somewhere else. They don’t realize that “some other people” are actually they! We all need to participate is solving those problems because there is no other planet we could go. There is one Indian saying – “We haven’t inherited this world from our ancestors, we’re borrowing it from our children and our grandchildren”. So, every one of us, without exception, should stand up and take a part in solving the ecology issues in order not to be ashamed in front of the future generations.


Ecology film festivals should take its place at the very spot of an ecological disaster. Instead of music programs, parties etc. that we may see in the so-called off program at the festivals, we should take audience to see polluted rivers, destroyed forests and ecological sites, places without animals and plants, points that represent the human neglect. Organizers should give their best in order to take audience to step out. Movie screenings should be at the places where almost no one would ever like to go alone. Also, festival organizers and producers should take representative persons from companies that pollute environment and show them the results of their activities. In the warmth of our homes we are not aware of the consequences, but once we see with our own eyes the consequences of human neglect and face the problems in the nature for real, we cannot stay indifferent. United people with the same goal and unique idea are more powerful then any company whose only success is measured by profit. More profit for them – more problems for us, our children and their children.


So, in order to conclude, we think that powerful ecological film festivals should move from fancy cinemas with red carpets into the nature that feels the consequences of human activities. Audience should see the movies at the very places of their shooting. That is the only adequate place if we really want people to be aware what is going to happen and what are our responsibilities towards the environment. This is the way for transforming passive audience into the real actors. That is the point of art, isn’t it?


  1. Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ceratinly make note of that.

  2. Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting . All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. by James Thurber. ckdbgafcebcdgfce

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