SVA field trip

EAT continues with the project “Serbian Village Atlas” and returns from another fieldtrip. 

In May 2013 EAT visited 12 villages in West Serbia. We’ve obtained fresh data, made newest photo documentation and conducted modified surveys and interviews. This time we’ve spent even more time with our hosts, talking about their real problems, needs and experiences. We shared their way of living for a short time. We also paid more attention on the surroundings, analyzing natural and social context in order to estimate possibilities for village networking as a first step towards sustainable rural development.
We walked away from urban life and tried to feel the village, the nature, the very core of rural. The aim was to personally map the problems and get the inspiration for new and creative solutions. We discovered new places, forgotten archaeological sites, abandoned houses, unknown churches and untouched nature and enjoyed in storytelling, local anecdotes and myths.
We are now more determine than ever to continue with our project “Serbian Village Atlas”. So, the new field researches, articles, promotions, books and lectures are yet to come.

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