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Green Talents


A high-ranking jury of German experts from academia and industry selected EAT member Ksenija Bunjak to be one of 25 outstanding young scientists, winners of the Green Talents 2013. Read More →

Climate change exhibitions


Climate change in the contemporary exhibition practice

Climate change transforms our surroundings causing, in the same time, shifts in our perception of the environment. Having in mind the growing influence that phenomena called “climate change” have on a wider social sphere, rethinking its consequences is therefore necessary. Whether it is referred as “a new spectre haunting the globe” (Szerszynski and Urry) or one of the „four horseman of the Apocalypse” (Slavoj Žižek), climate change has great impact on creation of new discursive fields both in theory and practice of various disciplines. Read More →

Book chapter


EAT publishes a chapter in the book Climate Change Influence on Planning and Design – Creation of Optimal Models, titled “The Analysis of Users’ Activities and Needs in Function of Elaboration of Optimal Model for Mitigating the Climate Change Consequences in Built Environment”.

For more information please visit displacingarchitecture