EAT held a design workshop with FLEX Alumni and American Councils for International Education as the introduction to their work at the Open-air Museum ”Old village”, Sirogojno in April.

The workshop titled “Creating a New Relaxation Area & Meeting Point through Participatory Design” was held in Belgrade as the introduction to the work FLEX Alumni and American Councils for International Education will undertake at the Open-air Museum “Old Village” in April.

The overall workshop task is designing new sitting structures. The idea was not to create traditional benches, but to think about “sitting structures” or to say “sitting platforms” that would be incorporated in the existing landscape and responsive to different needs. Having in mind that the context of the Museum complex is multi-layered, workshop participants will be involved in the entire design process, as well as in the development of “sitting structure” prototypes that will be built on the site during the second part of the workshop in April – FLEX Alumni Serbia.

The workshop explored relations between the concepts of design and ecology on one side and participants of this process on the other. At the same time this workshop discussed the question of sustainable design as a part of contemporary living.

The workshop presented a framework that reflects aesthetical, social, and ecological parameters of urban design and architecture in the context of the globally proclaimed goals of sustainable development and users needs.

Interesting ideas, creative thinking and amazing communication marked two days of our workshop. We thank our artists, Ksenija Bulatovic (architect) and Sinisa Noveski (sculptor), for their time and enthusiasm.

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