American Councils for International Education and FLEX Alumni are traditionally organizing their meeting at the Open-air Museum “Old Village”, Sirogojno. This year, EAT has joined them for the two-part workshop “Creating a New Relaxation Area & Meeting Point through Participatory Design”. The first part of the workshop was held in Belgrade where FLEX Alumni suggested interesting and creative ideas and agreed on a future project. The workshop continued in Sirogojno where the initial ideas came to life.

After the design process, FLEX Alumni worked on the production of four types of relaxation areas. The idea was to create four “sitting structures” designed for groups, couples, individuals and for the enhancement of dialogs, and to place them in such an order to create a Museum’s logo – a traditional rural house. The main idea was strengthen by the exhibition of photographs taken from the air and the eco-sculpture designed by Sinisa Noveski.

The project site was the meadow behind the Museum’s apartments that overlooks the forest and surrounding Zlatibor’s villages.

The main goal was to bring the ideas of environmental design, eco-art and sustainability in contemporary living closer to the participants. We used only natural local materials (wood, branches, gravel etc.), pointing out the necessity of recycling in each design and production phase.

While working on the project, FLEX Alumni discussed about social, environmental and economical issues and were engaged in additional “small” projects that matched a discussion theme of the day.

Collaboration between American Councils for International Education, FLEX Alumni, Open-air Museum “Old Village” and EAT group resulted in a new and original relaxation space that proclaims the goals of sustainability and the design oriented towards fulfilling different users’ needs. EAT would like to thank the Museum and the American Councils for joint effort on the development of this project. But, our appreciation goes mostly to the FLEX Alumni for their enthusiasm and hard work during the workshop.

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