The work on the Symbiotic Architecture Project continues. The authors, architects Ksenija Bulatovic and Ksenija Bunjak, along with a new member Sandra Persiani, have presented their newest research at the STRAND conference “Going Digital: Innovations in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology” in Belgrade.

The conference took place in Belgrade from June 2nd to June 3rd, where the team discussed the concept of Symbiotic Architecture between utopic vision and scientific reality. The Symbiotism team is proud to introduce a new member – Sandra Persiani, an architect dedicated to the research of adaptive building skins, kinetic facades and biomimicry. Sandra Persiani will soon join EAT team as well, strengthening the research in specific areas and deepening the international collaboration.


The theory of Symbiotic architecture has been discussed and associated to the new and growing trends in architecture. Symbiotic architecture neither creates an ideal society, nor is a response to any such utopia. It is by itself a response which any society, in any context gives in reaction to its changing environment. Therefore, it cannot be considered as a utopic vision in the common meaning of this term. Even though Symbiotic architecture provides ideal conditions for its inhabitants at any time and under any circumstances, it does not create absolute equality – not responding to the needs of a society, but to the needs of every individual inhabitant. It can be understood as a higher principle that allows each individual to express its own needs in different contexts and environments and fulfill them. This principle can be scientifically proven as there are already experiments leading towards self-moving skeletons, self-breathing models etc., while technological acceleration, through the development of nanotechnologies, biocomputing systems, artificial intelligence etc., suggests that we are on the road that will sooner or later take us to new architecture realities.

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