Both old and new projects, positive changes in our team, workshops, lectures, field trips and other inspiring activities marked the year behind us. As we step into the New Year – our 5th anniversary – we want to look back to the most important moments of 2016.

The start of the year had been quite intense as we held several book promotions during January and February. Our book Žitorađa Municipality: Old Rural Houses and their Typology had been presented not only to the professionals, but more important to the representatives of local communities.

In March we held a design workshop at the American Councils in Belgrade, Serbia with the FLEX Alumni. Practical field work in April followed this workshop. As a result, we had created a specific relaxation space at the Open-air Museum “Old Village” in Sirogojno through a participatory sustainable design.

After our field trips in May, our members Dr. Ksenija Bunjak and Dr. Sandra Persiani, along with the architect Ksenija Bulatović presented the paper Symbiotism between Science and Utopia at the International STRAND conference “Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology” that took place in Belgrade during June. Dr. Ana Stevanović started her work as a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

July brought many new contacts and an amazing interaction with other scholars and NGO’s. We attended Creative Europe Desk Serbia’s seminar. Our member Dr. Ksenija Bunjak was invited to a conference „Balkan Village: Continuity and Change through the Historyat the Open-air Museum “Old Village” in Sirogojno, where she held a presentation Traditional Serbian Village – from the Ecology towards the Ecology.

In August our team grew. We were happy to welcome our new international members: Asal Ghanim from Jordan, Dr. Sandra Pesiani from Italy and Błażej Jendrzejewski from Poland. Our team member Asal was a part of the management team for the 20 MW Solar Jordan One project that was commissioned in August, as well.

During September, Mladen Pešić and Dr. Ksenija Bunjak published a chapter “Generating Models for Climate Change Adaptation: Case Study of Three Villages” in a book Influence of Climate Changes to the Planning and Designing IV. Serbia. 

Asal Ghanim organised the October, 2016 Edition of Amman Tech Tuesdays (Amman TT) with focus on Solar energy, after which she attended the Green Talents Alumni Conference in Berlin. Dr. Ksenija Bunjak held a lecture Village Atlas Methodology as a Step towards Sustainable Rural Development at the same conference.

In November 2016, Dr. Sandra Persiani became a new research fellow at the Energy Research Institute ERI@N at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore working on Zero Energy Buildings in Singapore. Mladen Pešić and Dr. Ksenija Bunjak published a paper Mapping the Vernacular Environment: Serbian Village Atlas as a Step towards an Eco-village Network in Serbian Architectural Journal.

Architect Ksenija Bulatović, Dr. Ksenija Bunjak and Dr. Sandra Persiani  presented the paper Symbiotism and the Synergy of Scale at the International STRAND conference “On Architecture: – Scale of Design from Micro to Macro” that took place in Belgrade during December.

We thank our collaborators and our audience for the support. Thank you for being a part of our amazing year. We have new projects coming up in 2017 along with some interesting surprises. Stay tuned! Follow us on facebook (EAT – Eco Art & Theory) and Instagram (@eco.art.theory).

EAT team wishes you Enjoyable, Artistic and Thriving 2017!





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